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  • What is the youngest age for a beginner to start music lessons?

Here is an approximate guide (this may vary depending on the child's size):

Violin: 4yrs +

Piano: 4yrs +

Guitar (online only): 10yrs +

Singing: 5yrs +

  • Where do I buy or rent an instrument?

We are not affiliated with the following shops, but are happy to recommend them:


ABC Music in Esher.


Piano Warehouse in Surbiton


Guitar Guitar in Epsom

We would not usually recommend buying instruments via eBay for obvious reasons: condition, scam sellers etc...

  • What is the best make/model of instrument for beginners?

We recommend the following instruments based upon our experience and the manufacturers' build quality. A good quality instrument, will help your child progress for many years to come and will hold hold their value better than cheaper unbranded makes. Moreover, cheaper models may cause more headaches in the long run (repairs, tuning issues etc.).


Stentor Student, Student I or Student II. Please ask in store for advice on the most suitable size.


An 88 key acoustic piano such as the Yamaha B1.

However if you do not have the space or budget, the Yamaha YDP S34 (an entry level 88 weighted key digital piano) by would be suitable.

Fender ESC80 Classical Acoustic Guitar

Squier Mini Strat V2 Electric Guitar

  • My instrument is not working properly. Where can I get it serviced?


The shops listed above will also be able to advise you. Please also talk to our teachers during your lesson. We recommend servicing your instrument every year as you should be practising frequently!

  • I would like to sit/I would like my son/daughter to sit graded exams:


Our teachers are happy to prepare students for ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and Rockschool exams. Please discuss this during your lesson. We only recommend entering students once their teacher feels they are ready. This avoids unnecessary stress for the student and financial expenses for the person paying! Parents should enter their son/daughter for exams themselves via the websites listed below. You will also find information regarding entry deadlines, exam dates, marking criteria, syllabuses and prices:

ABRSM (Piano, Violin, Singing & Guitar)

Trinity Guildhall (Piano, Violin, Singing & Guitar)

RockSchool (Guitar & Bass)

Girl Practicing Piano


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