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86th Kingston Competitive Festival of Music and Performing Arts November 2019 - Results!

Dear Students and Parents,

This was the second time we entered our students for the long running Kingston-upon-Thames Festival of Performing Arts, which is now in its 86th year. More pianists than ever entered the festival in November.

We'd like to congratulate all those who took part for all their hard work and dedication - you all performed wonderfully!

A special well done to Lukas Marciukonis for winning the 1st Prize in the Grade 4-5 category. Also Julia Carter and Nina Holding were invited to the winner's ceremony. Nina performed her own piano composition in the composition category and also in the piano category.

Here is a list of all our performers:


Aarika Saha

Asahi Matsuda

Cristiano Zonnoni

Erin Verwoerd

Gasha Fernando

Julia Carter

Lukas Marciukonis

Nina Holding

Sasmithaa Jasikaran

Siddhant Ghose

Yugo Nakashima


Daniil Prodan

Rémi Rogeon-Pipe


Nina Holding

Best wishes,

Kingston Music School

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