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*NEW* Saturday Morning
Beginner's Piano Lessons
From September 2022

I have been a student at Kingston Music School for close to 5 years now, having recently completed my Grade 8. I am a lover of music, playing both piano and guitar to a high level, and I would love to share my passion for music with young children who are just starting out. I am an enthusiastic performer, having taken part in many piano recitals throughout the years and I find great joy in playing with and for others. My favourite kind of music to play is from the romantic era where I am able to put a lot more emotion into the piece, however I also enjoy contemporary pieces which I find a lot of fun to play.


When I’m not practising and performing, I have a wide range of hobbies and interest that are not musical. In my free time, I volunteer at a hospice and also at a charity book shop which has given me great communication and social skills. I am also a big fan of reading, playing tennis and going to the movies with friends.


As a teacher, I am able to provide students with a fun environment that will encourage students to play music and to enjoy themselves. I am very patient and good with people and I will be able to help encourage students with their piano skills and to improve their skills, as well as allow them to have fun at the same time.

We are delighted to welcome

our new piano teacher Miss Erin Verwoerd!

erin photo for biography.jpg
Erin Verwoerd!


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