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Wonderful results for Spring Term 2020 Graded Exams

Dear Students and Parents,

Well done to all our students for making such good progress during the Spring Term!

As you may know the ABRSM examination board has currently postponed its future exams until further notice.

However, we are pleased to announce that everyone who managed to sit their exams last term passed with flying colours!

Here are the results:


Mina Park - Grade 3 - Merit


Saraswathy Janakan - Grade 2


Maxime Yao - Grade 2 - Merit

Alto Saxophone:

John Houghton - Grade 4 - Merit


Alexander Saha Deftereos - Grade 1 - Distinction

Dhiren Kulatileka - Grade 1 - Distinction Nina Holding - Grade 3 Cristiano Zannoni - Grade 4

Kind regards,

Kingston Music School

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