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Wonderful Exam Results at Kingston Music School

We are delighted that ABRSM exams can now be taken at Kingston Music School. We will organise exams here at Kingston Music School twice a year during March and September on a Saturday. A big advantage is that students do not have to travel to an exam centre on a weekday, which can disturb the school day. Students will also feel more relaxed in a familiar environment. Please speak to your teacher if you would like to take an exam at Kingston Music School.

Huge congratulations to the following students for their examination success in September 2023. These were the first exams to take place at Kingston Music School.

Violin and Viola:

Charlotte Violin Grade1 with Distinction

Siddhant Ghose Violin Grade 1 with Distinction

Curtis Noronha  Grade 2 with Merit

Joanna De Costa Violin Grade 2 with Distinction

Elizabeth Spooner Violin Grade 3 with Distinction

Jami Lau Violin Grade 3 with Merit

Remi Rogeon-Pipe Viola Grade 5 Merit


Isla Mia Tahir Grade 1 with Merit

Darcy Cartwright Grade 2

Mahi Patnaik Grade 2 

Ishani Chandarana Grade 3 Merit


Suchin Jones Initial with Merit

Marcus Sankey Grade 1

Paulius Maciukonis Grade 1

Zoya Hashmi Grade 1

Ebru Boyaci Grade 2 with Merit

Isabella Tavener Grade 2 with Merit

Erin Smith Grade 4

Siddhant Ghose Grade 4 with Merit

Yugo Nakashima Grade 6


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