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Fantastic Spring Term Exam Results!

Huge congratulations to the following students for their examination success in March 2024 at Kingston Music School and during the Spring Term.

The next round of examinations will take place at Kingston Music School on 12th October. Please discuss with your teacher if you would like to take an exam at Kingston Music School.


Artin Prep Test

Alyssa Initial 

Darcy Grade 1 with Merit

Dorian Grade 2 with Merit

Paulius Grade 2 with Merit

Francesca Grade 3 with Merit

Elena G4 with Distinction


Audrey G5


Fraser Grade 1 with Distinction

Anoushka Grade 2 with Merit

Charlotte Grade 2 with Distinction

Curtis Grade 3 with Merit

Joanna Grade 3

Elizabeth Grade 4 with Distinction

Thea Grade 5 with Merit


Noah Prep Test

Neel Grade 2 with Merit

Morgan Grade 2 with Merit

Olivia Grade 2 with Distinction

Emmen Grade 3 with Merit

Yaswiitha Grade 4 

Tanisha Grade 4


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