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Amazing Summer Term Exam Results

Huge congratulations to the following students for their examination success in the Summer term 2022.

Oliver Phung - violin Grade 1 with Distinction

Alexander Saha Deftereos- piano Grade 4 with Distinction

Elena Gatto - piano Grade 3 with Merit

Nami Wood - piano Grade 8 with Distinction

Isla Tahir - singing Prep test

Ishani Chandarana - singing Grade 2 with Merit

Elijus Robacevskis- singing Grade 4 with Merit

Elspeth Easton - singing Grade 3 with Distinction

Mahi Patnaik - singing Grade 1

Olivia Zhang - singing Grade 1

Hannah Mccann- singing Grade 8 Trinity Rock and Pop with Distinction

Maxime Yao - clarinet Grade 4 with Merit

Yun Lee - alto saxophone Grade 4 with Merit

Karen Li - theory Grade 1 with Distinction

Ebru Boyaci - theory Grade 1 with Distinction


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