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End of Year Zoom Concert

We will be celebrating our End of Year with performing during the Zoom concert. 🎉

Each teacher will be hosting Zoom performances and we would encourage all of you to perform a piece or two.

Your concert dates are as follows:

Elin Parry

Sunday 4th July - Part 1 at 2.30pm

- Part 2 at 3.15pm

Andrea Montalbano

Sunday 4th July at 4pm

Theodora Stamoulaki

Sunday 11th July - Part 1 at 1.45pm

- Part 2 at 2.40pm

Kinuko Rogeon-Pipe

Sunday 11th July - Part 1 at 3.30pm

- Part 2 at 4.15pm

Anna McLachlan

Sunday 11th July at 5pm

Sebastien Rogeon-Pipe & Stuart Fiddler

Sunday 18th July at 3pm


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