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End of Year Zoom Concert

We will be celebrating our End of Year with performing during the Zoom concert. ๐ŸŽ‰

Each teacher will be hosting Zoom performances and we would encourage all of you to perform a piece or two.

Your concert dates are as follows:

Elin Parry

Sunday 4th July - Part 1 at 2.30pm

- Part 2 at 3.15pm

Andrea Montalbano

Sunday 4th July at 4pm

Theodora Stamoulaki

Sunday 11th July - Part 1 at 1.45pm

- Part 2 at 2.40pm

Kinuko Rogeon-Pipe

Sunday 11th July - Part 1 at 3.30pm

- Part 2 at 4.15pm

Anna McLachlan

Sunday 11th July at 5pm

Sebastien Rogeon-Pipe & Stuart Fiddler

Sunday 18th July at 3pm

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